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Easy to construct raised beds

I’ve not been around for a while, this is because we’ve had an extended visit from my wife’s parents all the way from NZ. As always I’ve loved having them stay (yes I do...


Tea bags and your compost heap

The research for this post comes from gardening.which.co.uk Up until recently I had been happily putting all our tea bags on the compost heap. That was until I read an article in the Which?...


Finding time for myself

We’ve had a busy week (when do we not?!) at WWP HQ. Firstly, little Georgie turned one which itself leads to a number of changes around here. Not least the potential for me to...


Stop growing will you!

I’m writing this in the kitchen while my wife decorates a birthday cake for Georgie who turns one next week. And yes I know it’s a cliché but will my children please stop growing!!!...


My Sunday Photo – Snow at last!

We’ve missed the snow this year. It seems a bit strange to say that, but our part of Surrey missed out on the snow that came earlier in the year. We arrived back from...


Time to get sowing

Just a really short post with a list of what we’ll be planting this year. I will post gardening updates as the year goes on. I might even get some pictures of the actual...


My Sunday photo

The only place in the UK with no snow this morning….sigh