Potty training reset the reset

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6 Responses

  1. Lewis Brown says:

    We trained Zach. My first very easily. We’re now putting him in bed with no nappies now. We have a new born and need to start this all over again

    • admin says:

      I sympathise, I never realised it would be such hard work. I’m hoping that she’ll let us know she’s ready again, but until then I’m at a loss.

  2. its not easy. I found that until they make the conscious decision to no longer crap themselves there isn’t much we can do. We tried pull ups and rewards but my daughter always knew that we would change her, so why stop what she was doing? It was only when she realized that she couldn’t go to school without being potty trained that she was overnight. I wish you well man #thatfridaylinky

    • admin says:

      Thanks, I’m realising that it is a decision they have to make themselves. It’s a flippin pain waiting for it though!

  3. Nige says:

    It’s the toughest part of babies for me great read

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