Tinnitus and me

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  1. I have it too although it’s a very low hum and I also hate how it’s always there, I can never enjoy the silence anymore (rare anyway for a mum of four). I first noticed it when I was pregnant with my fourth and it has got progressively louder over the past 9 years so I went to the doctor last year. same thing, nothing they can do!! Occasionally I am upset by it but have resolved not to allow it to overwhelm me. So now if I’m alone at home I tend to put the radio or some music on in the background. It took me a long time to realise that loud noises annoyed me because my ears are actually sensitive to them and so it hurts. That realisation was a relief because it helps me to understand why I get so irritable in those situations and so I try and avoid them. Ironically I have married a man with a very loud voice too so I have to ask him to speak quieter at times as well as the kids!!

    • Dave says:

      It’s good to know there are other sufferers out there. Like you it only started bothering me since the children arrived as their screams and cries actually hurt my hearing. I also find it easier to have the radio on during the day as a bit of background noise. The upside being that I can improve my popmaster score!

  2. Gosh, I can only imagine how irritating this must be. AS if the kids didn’t shout loud enough, without their din falling on sensitive ears!!! #ThatFridayFeeling

  3. Berni says:

    I can empathise. Hubby suffered from tinnitus a lot … turns out that one of the causes was diet coke! if you drink it try cutting it out – honestly its a known problem !!! #thatfridaylinky

    • Dave says:

      Interesting, I don’t drink Diet Coke fortunately. I feel I need to change my diet anyway so we’ll try it and see.

  4. Oh no, how awful! So sorry to hear there’s nothing that can done be done to treat the condition; I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be.

  5. As a lifelong sufferer, I feel you completely! It is hard for people to understand. The noise!!! Ug! I wish there was a cure. #thatfridaylinky

  6. can’t imagine that can be easy. I didn’t realize that there was really nothing that can be done #thatfridaylinky

  7. Nige says:

    Oh wow! This must be awful at times to live with, good luck with dealing with as best you can Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  8. Emily says:

    I’ve never had it, but a family member has and it sounds awful. Thanks for joining in with #ThatFridayLinky

  9. Neil says:

    I’ve suffered from Tinnitus off and on for a while now. It’s usually brought on during periods of anxiety and can be immensely frustrating especially when all you want to hear is silence. Always helps hearing others stories.

  10. FrugalFrogs says:

    Hi from NZ! I just discovered your blog. I have menieres disease which has the added bonus of tinnitus, although mine is more like a loud vibration. Im 35 and have suffered with it for about 17 years. I don’t have kids but I do notice when out and about and someone else’s child is crying, I find it painful. The same with someone throwing cutlery into a drawer.
    I feel your pain (or noise as I guess the case may be).
    I wish I had an answer how to make this better but it’s just one of those things. The first specialist I saw in NZ couldn’t diagnose it (I suffered from no hearing loss but pretty bad dizziness and horrendous vertigo) and was told to ‘learn to live with it’ however the NHS in the UK were awesome and diagnosed it. There’s no cure but I guess at least I know what it is and I’m not going mad like I thought I was

    • Dave says:

      Hi, thanks for reading and for commenting. This post has been quite cathartic for me, connecting with other sufferers out there, makes me feel quite positive.
      On another note it’s also very pleasing to hear that you just came across my blog. Lovely to hear from NZ, we’ve just come back from a trip over there (wife is a Kiwi).

      Once again thanks for reading.

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