Finding time for myself

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  1. Veronica Lee says:

    When my boys were little, my precious free time was enjoying a nice hot cup of tea and with luck, a little newspaper reading without any interruptions!
    Enjoy your “me” time!

    #that fridaylinky

    • Dave says:

      I always find that after I finish my jobs then sit down with a cuppa, that’s when the youngest wakes up from her nap! See I’m rubbish at ‘me’ time. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Sophie says:

    I remember this moment well and I would grab it with both hands! Go cycling, ;it your feet up with a cuppa, have an uninterrupted shower….skies the limit! Enjoy. #thatfridatlinky

  3. Nige says:

    I’m useless at taking time for myself and really should make a bigger effort. Fab read Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  4. I think this is so important. No matter what you end up doing, just to be able to have a few moments to unwind and recharge is crucial #thatfridaylinky

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