Moving to New Zealand

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  1. Oli says:

    Some friends of ours moved to Auckland from the U.K. around 4 years ago and although I thought they’d come back within a couple of years they’re now totally settled with a house, careers and a two-year-old son! They’ve said it can be a struggle without family and close friends around but the quality of life makes up for it. I’d say go for it!

    • Dave says:

      Thanks for leaving the comment. Yes we’re lucky that one of us comes from NZ, it’s a question of when more than anything else. Just a bit of a daunting task with a family in tow!

  2. Paola says:

    All good points, I recommend to try now that your child is small, so that if you decide to go back you don’t mess with the schooling. #ThatFridayLinky

    • Dave says:

      Yes I agree, definitely the best time to try it when the kids are pre-school. Just need to work out what to do to earn a crust. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Sophie says:

    My brother married a girl from NZ and they had 4 children. They lived here until the the twins (number 3 and 4) were 3 and then moved to NZ. They had a fab life but now that the children are all young adults, they have all moved to the U.K. for uni and job opportunities. This leaves my brother and his wife in a quandary once more. They can’t affird to move to the uK as house prices here are so expensive but their children are making lives in the U.K. I don’t want to put you off but children grow and change. Think about what is right for everyone and good luck! #bc

    • Dave says:

      Yes this is another quandry for us. Part of the reason my wife is particularly keen to go back is so our daughters can enjoy spending time with their cousins. But as the youngest is already 12 and the eldest 16, it won’t be long before they fly the nest and they’d love to go to the UK too! It’s all food for thought. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Sophie says:

    Sorry,….it’s friday. I should have said, #thatfridaylinky

  5. Nige says:

    Super difficult decision, I lived in Australia when I was younger but always in my heart knew I was coming back to U.K. good luck with your decision Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

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