The adventures of a 40-something new Dad

1st October 2017

To be clear, there are lots of pants in our relationship, my wife wears the ones that pay the mortgage and keep a roof over our heads while I keep things running at home….oh and the not so small task of looking after our two gorgeous daughters.

I’m 47 years old and earlier this year I left my job as a management accountant to be a full-time stay-at-home Dad. We have two little girls, Galla who is two and a half and Georgie who is almost six months old……How did I get here?

I met my future wife just four years ago and following the cliché of couples who meet in their late 30s (her)/early 40s (me), things progressed very quickly. I moved out of my house in the ‘burbs and into hers in North London. She then got pregnant, we then moved out of London to Surrey, we got married and then had another baby. That’s a lot to fit in four years!

I’d like to say that the stay-at-home Dad happened because we wanted to challenge gender stereotypes or that I wanted to get more involved in my daughters early development. While there is a certain element of that the reality was far more prosaic and dare I say financial; when we moved out of London we engaged a nanny for a year and while she was excellent at her job, my wife found it just too difficult having a stranger in our house 5 days a week effectively bringing up our child.

My wife is the breadwinner so we discussed the idea of me giving up work to stay at home and look after the girls. I jumped at the chance, while my wife’s career follows an upwards trajectory mine had for a while been fairly safe and steady so I was ready for a new challenge.

So here we are, tomorrow my wife returns to work after five months of maternity leave….I’m on my own, these are my observations and ideas on being a stay-at-home Dad, I hope you enjoy it.