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Flying with children.

Don’t do it. The End. Actually flying with children doesn’t have to be the nightmare you might have envisaged. For my family it is a fact of life. My wife is a Kiwi and...

Helping Daddy – My Sunday Photo 0

Helping Daddy – My Sunday Photo

A friend told me that the best thing she taught her daughter was how to make a decent cup of tea. My daughter is perhaps a little too little to work the kettle just...


Time to get sowing

Just a really short post with a list of what we’ll be planting this year. I will post gardening updates as the year goes on. I might even get some pictures of the actual...


Feeling the love

Community A few weeks ago I read the following post from top Dad blogger Nige Higgins; “Where Has The Blog Love Gone?” He was talking about what a lovely community the blogging world was,...


Coping with a poorly baby

Just recently little Georgie has not been well. Nothing major, just a yo-yoing temperature, snotty nose and generally feeling under the weather. Consequently, we’ve had a few nights of broken sleep. We were up...


Golden Fleece

Residents of Elstead in Surrey have the good fortune of four pubs to choose from. My personal favourite is The Golden Fleece This is mainly due to the excellent Thai kitchen it has. My...

No accidents! 0

No accidents!

Today we had all poos and wees on the potty. First accident free day. Look out for my new best seller “How to potty train your daughter in nine months”.


Wow, what a year!

Happy New Year everybody! I’ve just about drawn breath from the festive season. Ours was a bit fraught at times but also good fun spending quality time with all my girls. In the lead...