Wife Wears Pants


Golden Fleece

Residents of Elstead in Surrey have the good fortune of four pubs to choose from. My personal favourite is The Golden Fleece This is mainly due to the excellent Thai kitchen it has. My...

No accidents! 0

No accidents!

Today we had all poos and wees on the potty. First accident free day. Look out for my new best seller “How to potty train your daughter in nine months”.


Wow, what a year!

Happy New Year everybody! I’ve just about drawn breath from the festive season. Ours was a bit fraught at times but also good fun spending quality time with all my girls. In the lead...


In praise of working mums

When was the last time you really appreciated your wife or partner? When I tell people what I do I keep getting asked “How are you getting on?” This is usually said with some...


Sleep training with baby no.2

When Galla was born both me and my wife were really keen to get her into a good sleep routine.  I was the stricter parent when it came to her waking up during the...


My Sunday photo

The only place in the UK with no snow this morning….sigh


The Winterton Arms

Welcome to my pub review pages. I thought it would be nice to write about something other than my children. My other favourite things; beer and food. We live in a lovely part of...


Classes – Baby Sensory

My wife took a year off with Galla and living in London there were loads of different classes and groups she could take her to. I had to do quite a bit of research...


Dad on the loose

Beware! Dad on the loose. I had the chance for a night out recently to catch up with some friends. Trouble is, these days, when I get a chance to have some time off...