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Nice guys don’t always make great Dads

I’m being deliberately provocative here I know. I’ll explain myself shortly. Just recently I’ve been having a few issues with Galla. She’s not been feeling 100% with a cold so already isn’t in the...


Coping with a poorly baby

Just recently little Georgie has not been well. Nothing major, just a yo-yoing temperature, snotty nose and generally feeling under the weather. Consequently, we’ve had a few nights of broken sleep. We were up...

No accidents! 0

No accidents!

Today we had all poos and wees on the potty. First accident free day. Look out for my new best seller “How to potty train your daughter in nine months”.


Sleep training with baby no.2

When Galla was born both me and my wife were really keen to get her into a good sleep routine.  I was the stricter parent when it came to her waking up during the...


Classes – Baby Sensory

My wife took a year off with Galla and living in London there were loads of different classes and groups she could take her to. I had to do quite a bit of research...


Potty training reset the reset

Oh what’s a Dad to do? You may remember my struggles with potty training Galla here and here. Well after 3 months of trying i’m giving up! Ok, that’s a bit dramatic and to...


On having one of those days

We’ve all had them haven’t we, one of those parenting days when if it’s not your children tag teaming you, its other things around them going wrong. I’m probably being unfair to Georgie, she’s...


Potty training – reset

So I have previously posted on our experiences with potty training and how it’s been a long and tortuous road. We are still on that road and recently had to “reset”. The reset I...


On Potty training…..aaarrrgghhh!

Where do we start?…. Well I started looking at Pinterest and found a load of these sort of pages: The idea that you can potty train your child in three days is bollocks. Of...